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Temporary Accommodation While Building Or Renovating

Temporary Property Rentals

When you are in need for comfortable and affordable accommodation while your new house is being built or you have major renovations currently being carried out on your existing property, a temporary apartment rental is the most suitable solution. These types of properties include everything you will need while you wait for the completion of your own.

Identifying the Right Apartment For You

When researching for some where to stay, ensure that the property will provide you with all of the essentials you require such as location, public transport access, car parking, a fully equipped kitchen, fully furnished, internal laundry and so on. You should also consider your accommodation budget before committing to a rental agreement.


Completion Date Vs Rental Period

Be sure that you initially rent a property for the entire period of which the renovation or building is projected to completion. As there could be some delays which would result in the completion date being moved forward, it is important that you ensure that there is an option with your temporary rental to extend the rental on a weekly basis.

Pre-planning will provide you with great benefits such as:

1. Not having to relocate to another property

2. Enjoy discounted apartment rental rates which continue to your extended weekly rates.

How Much Will It Cost To Rent A Property On A Temporary Basis?

Unless you have rented a furnished apartment in Sydney before, the rental cost would be obviously unknown. The weekly property rental cost is generally based on the following factors:

1. The standard 6 or 12 month rental is based on the total period. For a property rental which is less than 6 months, you could only expect to pay more.

2. Unlike a standard apartment rental, the property would be fully furnished and include utilities such as electricity and or gas.

Overall, a furnished apartment provides you with fully furnished accommodation on a temporary and flexible basis. You have the ability to stay as long as required without the need to commit to a longer defined period.

Alternative Accommodation

There are numerous types of accommodation choices throughout Sydney you could choose from, but which of these will actually work out to be cheaper and more convenient in the end.

Motels and hotels generally provide you with a room for your stay however some may offer a similar rate comparable to a furnished apartment. Would you want a room or your own furnished apartment with all of the facilities for the same or comparable price?

Initially, a room make seem to be a cheaper accommodation option however you should also consider the costs of eating out and laundry costs as most motel and hotel rooms do not provide you with a laundry. The ability to self-cater and maintain cheaper dat to day living costs is non-existent.

In fact, the additional costs involved with staying at a hotel or motel in Sydney are:

1. Access to Foxtel / Pay TV

2. Eating Out

3. Laundry Costs

4. Car Parking

5. Larger families or groups need to rent multiple rooms.

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