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A complete guide to temporary accommodation Sydney

A complete guide to temporary accommodation Sydney

Short Term Apartment Rentals is Sydney’s premier destination for affordable short term accommodation in the most convenient locations. Whether you are business travellers, or looking for temporary relocation, or just here for the sights; we offer a great collection of furnished properties to suit all your needs. We pride ourselves in our dedication to make sure your stay in Sydney is comfortable and pleasant.

We understand that location is one of the most important factors when deciding on accommodation. Our fully furnished properties are located throughout the colourful city of Sydney including the famous Bondi Beach, Sydney CBD and the eastern suburbs. We have accommodation solutions tailored to your unique requirements. If what you want is a quiet place of solitude near the peaceful northern beaches or you crave the sparkling lights of Darling Harbour, we have something for your every need. Our apartments are situated within walkable distance to bus stops, train and light rail stations as we know how important it is to you that you get around with ease.

We provide a wide range of apartment options for you to choose from: including studio, one-bed, two-bed, three-bed, four-bed, and 5-bed apartments. In addition to that, we also provide penthouse apartments and furnished houses at great locations for reasonable rent.

We follow strict guidelines when sourcing our properties to uphold our promise of quality and comfort so that your short term stay in Sydney is luxurious as well as memorable. We make sure our apartments are clean and tidy. Apartment servicing while not included, can also be provided on a regular basis for a separate charge. Our furnished and serviced apartments are suited to all kinds of uses including corporate and temporary accommodations, holiday stays, serviced or self-catered apartments, group stays and emergency accommodation.

Our fully furnished apartments are fully equipped with all basic and premium amenities such as gas, electricity, wi fi, bed linen and built-in wardrobes, washing machine and laundry facilities, flat screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen. Extra beds and cots can be provided upon request at a reasonable separate charge but must be mentioned during booking. If you are driving to Sydney, at least one parking spot is available in most properties. If you have any furry little friends accompanying you on your trip, we also offer pet-friendly apartments.

Once you have searched for your perfect apartment, go on and send us an email or simply phone us to ask for rate and availability. Follow that by completing an online reservation form so that an invoice is issued to you. Full payments must be paid in advance in Australian Dollar (AUD) before your check-in date to gain access to your apartment. If the duration of your stay is up to one month, the payable amount is to be paid in full. However, if your stay is longer than a month, the amount can be paid in instalments. Your booking will be confirmed once the payment is received. The minimum duration for a booking is 7 days. It varies from property to property as you may stay in one apartment for a week and in another, the minimum might be 3-12 months. Once all that is out of the way, contact your guest manager 48 hours before the check-in to collect your keys.

In the likely event that you are enjoying your stay with us and would like to enjoy an extended stay, just send us an email and we would happily prolong the booking. In case your apartment is already booked for your extension dates, we will find you an alternative apartment. If due to any unforeseen circumstances, the booking needs to be cancelled or you need to shorten your stay, we will refund your deposit as long as 14 days written notice is provided and your apartment is re-booked for the dates of your cancellation.

After you are settled in, just call or email your guest manager to receive a prompt response to any queries.

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