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For Apartment / Property Investors wanting Higher Rents & Yields

The demand for furnished apartment accommodation continues to grow as this type of accommodation is seen as being both financially viable and advantageous by our general travellers and executives clientele.

Higher rental returns up to 30% per annum can be achieved when an apartment is fully furnished; in fact most returns are 130% to 140% higher than what would be achieved if the same property was rented unfurnished for standard long term rentals. Although these type of returns may seem to be beyond your expectations, the accommodation cost for our clientele to rent a short term apartment is usually significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel apart from the obvious advantages of cooking and laundry facilities.


Short Term Vs Traditional Property Leasing

At Short Term Apartment Rentals, we specialise in rentals of furnished properties and maintain high occupancy rates year round.

For example:
A 2 bedroom apartment on a standard 6 or 12 month lease in Sydney would provide you with an average return of $32,000.00 per year. Via our short term rental services, you could expect returns up to $45,000.00 for the same apartment.

As your apartment would be used for short term periods only, the property is being cleaned and checked on a regular basis which you can be confident of the condition of the apartment. Our clientele base is a mix of between family / holiday travellers and executives. Each client is carefully screened and identification confirmed prior to any rental.


How to list & Start Achieving Higher Rental Returns

There are definite advantages when we have 100% control over an apartment. We have the ability to instantly check a client in to your apartment when required and have the apartment prepared for the next rental. It is not uncommon to have a new client check-in to an apartment on the same day which another client is checking out.

Please contact our office or send us an email. We will then arrange a property inspection which will allow for us to provide you with a rental and occupancy forecast. If you are satisfied with our forecast, you will enter into a management agreement with us which we will then take possession of the apartment for photos and a full itemisation report of contents. Details of your apartment will then be promptly added to our website for the commencement of rentals.

We manage every rental of your apartment so there is no requirement of your involvement to save you time and effort. A monthly apartment revenue report and payments are provided to you fortnightly to your nominated bank account.


10 Reasons Why You Should Join Short Term Apartment Rentals

1) The most sincere answer is, you want the best financial returns possible for your apartment investment. We understand that you may have financial obligations or just want to achieve the highest financial returns on your investment. We specialise in maintaining high occupancy utilisation.

2) We do not accept a property if we are not 100% convinced that we can achieve results.

3) We carefully screen every tenant with background and employment checks.

4) Your property manager is contactable and available 24 hours, every day.

5) Rental payments are made to your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis.

6) You are dealing with a 100% Australian company with integrity.

7) We provide Monthly and Yearly Property Income Statements.

8) You receive email notifications advising you of every new reservation.

9) We provide a fast & effective service.

10) Our service is 100% free.

Start Now For Immediate Results

If you have a fully furnished apartment and are ready to make serious returns via the short term apartment rental market, contact us now on +61 2 8030 5510 or 0425 831 999 or email

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