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Australian Tax Refunds

Visiting Australia on a working holiday visa is a great way to go and travel around and generate extra cash in the process. But regardless of how care free you feel, there is one thing you are not free from, and that’s taxes. That’s right – like it or not, as a working holiday maker or temporary worker in Australia, you still have to pay your taxes. The awesome news is, as a temporary worker in Oz, you’re most likely going to be due a tax refund from the taxes you pay and can make it easier for you to get it. has over 18 years experience getting workers of all kinds their tax refunds. 12 of those years they’ve been helping working holiday makers, backpackers and temporary workers get their Oz tax refund, with customers getting an average refund of $2600. If that sounds good to you, we have something that’s going to sound even better – you could be due a bigger refund depending on your individual circumstances!’s free tax refund estimation calculator will tell you how much you could be due back.

As if that wasn’t enough, once you’ve left Australia and your visa has expired, can help you claim back your superannuation refund. As a temporary worker in Oz, you’re entitled to claim back your superannuation contributions, but not everyone knows they can claim which means millions in unclaimed super is left with the Oz tax authorities every year. get their customers an average superannuation refund of $3380, so it’s definitely worth using their free super refund calculator to see how much super you could claim back.

If you want to see how much you could get back, use’s free income tax refund calculator or super refund calculator now. With an average Australian income tax refund of $2600 and an average super refund of $3380, it’s definitely worth seeing how much you could get. If you like what you see, download and fill in your <a “>tax refund tax packand fill in your ! What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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