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A Place To Stay When Relocating To Australia

Moving To Australia

When you move to any new country, the experience can be quite daunting and that is where you ask yourself all sorts of questions.

The most common would be:

1. Where will I stay?

2. How do I get to here or there?

3. Can I afford to stay in hotels?

4. Where in Sydney is the best place for me to stay?

Assuming that you have your travel arrangements in place such as Australian Holiday or Working Visa, passport and of course your airline tickets, the next most important arrangement is your accommodation. Generally, we strongly suggest that you find a place to stay on a temporary basis while you familiarise yourself with the various suburbs throughout Sydney and find a more permanent accommodation.

There are a great number of hotels in Sydney which are located in most suburbs and the Sydney City however, this could become the most expensive accommodation option to choose, simply due the reason that there are no options to self-cater such as cooking your own meals and cleaning your own laundry.

In the past, many people relocating to Australia have found that renting a furnished apartment is not only more convenient but also works out to be a cheaper option. If for the sake of a budget, you could rent an apartment with a friend or travel companion which would further reduce your accommodation costs.

It’s Not So Simple To Rent An Apartment

It may take a few weeks for you to find the most suitable apartment and most of the time you have to join the list. Then again, you have to shop around to purchase the furniture and electrical appliancess. By staying in a property which is already furnished on a weekly short term, this provides you with the time to organise yourself after you have arrived. Apart from this benefit, your short term rental agreement will also provide you with a rental record which you can provide with your lease agreement application.

How To Find An Apartment

To find an apartment which is fully furnished in Sydney, please refer to our apartment guide however finding a unfurnished property to rent on a more permanent basis, would be your best choice.

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