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Renting A Car And What You Need To Know

Car Rentals in Sydney

iIn Sydney, Car rental companies are abundant, each offering special deals, a variation of vehicle types and different in size. When you rent a car from a multi-national company, does it mean that you are getting the very best deal possible? The answer is no. It most certainly pays to shop around and get the best rental rate with as many freebies thrown in.

Getting The Best Deals

Whatever you do, don’t be shy to ask for more than what is being offered. You will find that each company wants your business and are willing to make a deal to win your business.

Ensure that there are no variations in the rental rates provided. This way there will not be any suprises for charge of stampduty, additional driver charges and excess klm charges, just to name a few.

Arrange for your rental vehicle to be picked up at a rental location to avaid paying additional airport fees.

What To Look Out For

When you have selected a particular vehicle to rent, it is essential that you carefully go through the rental conditions on you rental agreement and visually inspect the vehicle for damages before you drive away. Failure to do this could result in you signing a rental contract with conditions which are not reasonable and or paying ofr pre-existing damages when you return the vehicle.

Recommended Car Rental Companies

The major car hire companies in Sydney are the multi-national ones like Avis Car RentalsBudget Car Rentals and Hertz Rent A Car. There is however another company called A2B Car Rentals who provide similar cars on their rental fleet at vey competitive rates.

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