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Corporate Rewards Program

We are pleased to offer our corporate clients with an accommodation service like no other. The objective behind this program is to provide a simplyfied accommodation reservation service while rewarding our corporate clients for their loyalty.


How It Works

Upon making your first reservation with us, you will receive one of our corporate rewards cards. For all future reservations, use of the card will help us quickly identifiy your company. The card will also enable us to record and track your accommodation transactions to ensure that you are rewarded accordingly.


Our Gift To You

As a token of our gratitude, you will recieve a Visa Gift Card of which the value is determined on the period of each reservation you place with us. This will enable you to use your Visa Gift Card anywhere and on anything that you want.


Reward Points System

As part of our appreciation of your business, we have structured the following reward point system:

Rental Period Reward Points Visa Gift Card Value
1 to 4 weeks 50 points $50.00
5 to 8 weeks 100 points $150.00
9 to 12 weeks 250 points $250.00



  • The Visa Gift Card is only available to the actual person who has placed a reservation with us.
  • The Corporate Rewards Card can only be used for business accommodation and payment must have been received directly from the company.
  • The Visa Gift Card will be sent by "Express Overnight Post" upon the completion of the rental.
  • You may request that your Visa Gift Card be deferred resulting in your Reward Points accumulating. This will result in your Visa Gift Card to increase in value.
  • Your Visa Gift Card may be used for any purchases or towards the rental of any furnished apartment rental with us.
  • Visa Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash or transferrable.
  • It is important that you provide a correect mailing address for the delivery of your Visa Gift card.
  • As your name does not appear on your Visa Gift Card, if lost or stolen anyone could use it. In the event if a card has gone missing, please advise us urgently and we will attempt to have the card stopped and provide you with a replacement card. Should the card have been used already,  no replacement cards will be provided.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.